S.W.A.T. Ministry

The Soul Winning Action Team is designed to fulfill the top priority of the church; the great commission given by Jesus, our Lord and Savior to go out, seek the lost and make disciples. S.W.A.T. is comprised of the six soul winning action ministries.

Connect with the S.W.A.T Ministry

The purpose of the Door-to-Door Ministry is to strategically seek out those who are lost in our neighboring communities. Our great commission is to diligently seek the lost and be aware of opportunities to witness the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide spiritual and mental guidance, as we interact socially and physically with homeless individuals, while supplying food and clothing for nourishment and comfort.

Hospital and Nursing Home 
The purpose of the Hospital and Nursing Home Ministry is to ensure the salvation of persons during their time of uncertainty and provide spiritual encouragement through the Word of God and prayer.

Prayer and supplications are rendered on behalf of those in leadership positions, persons who have contacted the church, and sick and shut-in members.

The purpose of the Prison Ministry is to introduce Christ to those who are not saved and give encouragement and spiritual support to those who are incarcerated.

The Telephone Ministry’s primary objective is to bring souls to Christ through telephone calls and witnessing. This ministry also conducts follow-up telephone calls with individuals who have contacted the church for special prayer, assistance, or other needs.