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 After School Tutorial Committee

The Tutorial Program addresses academic needs and provides assistance in educational training to students. The program includes homework assistance, preparation for TAKS (Texas Assessment Acknowledgement Skills) and other related areas as needed. 

Media Ministry  

The Media Ministry is responsible for coordinating all audio and video setups for worship services, special programs and events. The Audio Visual Ministry produces all worship service CD’s and DVD’s. The Media Ministry is also responsible for all items sold in the church bookstore, The Garden.  

Benevolence Ministry

The Benevolence Ministry encourages wholeness and empowers people to care for themselves and for others. The Benevolence Ministry reaches out to those within the church family who have financial needs. In addition the Benevolence Ministry offers assistance throughout the community with basic necessities such as food and clothing.

Can-Cer-Vive Support Ministry

The Cancer Support Ministry serves to assist cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers by providing emotional and spiritual support, personal assistance and information. 

C.A.R.E. Ministry (Christian Assistance Relief Endeavor)

The Christian Assistance Relief Endeavor (C.A.R.E) Ministry is a need-sensitive ministry that ministers to the physical needs of our members and non-members in our surrounding communities. The C.A.R.E Ministry is also responsible for soliciting and distributing clothes and toys for needy families during the holiday season.

Comfort Ministry

The purpose of the Comfort Ministry is to offer consolation and assistance to members after the death of a loved one. This ministry provides recommended guidelines to the family members for the funeral program/services. The ministry also coordinates with the Tribal Leaders and Culinary Ministry to assist with the preparation and serving of dinner to the family members.

Couples In Christ Ministry

The Couples In Christ Ministry is a Bible based ministry promoting God’s plan for marriage. The Couples In Christ Ministry goal is to strengthen marriages through teaching and exploring biblical truths about the roles and responsibilities of marriage. The Couples In Christ Ministry is a catalyst for promoting a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, with each other and family. Marriage is an honorable institution ordained by God therefore, fostering fellowship, witnessing, obedience as well as interpersonal sharing through meaningful communication.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Committee is responsible for preparing breakfast each Sunday and for preparing meals for church events held in the Dr. Hayward Wiggins Multi-Purpose Facility.

Educational Board

The Educational Board promotes higher education and career opportunities through conferences, workshops and mentor-ship. The board recognizes high school and university graduates and provides scholarships for higher educational achievement.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for maintaining a reverent atmosphere throughout the Sanctuary and adjacent areas of the church. The Facilities Committee provides assistance with annual days, weddings and contract events. They serve as the liaison between the pastor and nuptials, they oversee the use of the church facility for wedding ceremonies, rehearsals and receptions. 

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Committee creates an atmosphere of warmth and fellowship to all visitors and members. The Hospitality Committee meets and greets visitors and members, receives the pastor’s visitors, and performs reception duties on Sundays. The committee also coordinates and decorates for special events held in the Dr. Hayward Wiggins Multi-Purpose Facility.

Joshua Generation Ministry (The Next Generation) 

The Joshua Generation Ministry nurtures and develops adults ages 30-45. Its purpose is to help men and women develop a stronger personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The goal of the ministry is to equip adults to be Christ-like.

Master’s Men Ministry

The Master’s Men Ministry is a group of motivated Christian men that display distinction, discipline, dependability, dedication and discipleship. Master’s Men are devoted to improving their leadership abilities by studying God’s Word, becoming involved in service opportunities, and addressing the needs of the entire congregation. Members of the Master’s Men Ministry seek to build strong and supportive relationships with God, the Pastor, and one another. The ministry teaches men to be encouraging to one another and to move to higher levels of praise, worship, and stewardship.

Micah Ministry 

The Micah Generation Ministry develops young adults ages 18-29. Its purpose is to provide spiritual sustenance, guidance and inspiration to young adult men and women.  With a focus on spiritual growth, faith and fellowship it seeks to give young adults a positive environment to grow in their relationships with God and others.

 Music and Fine Arts Ministry

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry is dedicated to providing quality Christian music during all worship services. The Music and Fine Arts Ministry also enriches and enhances the worship services by edifying and honoring our God through songs of praise. The Music and Fine Arts Ministry includes:

 Men of Praise
Women of Praise
Joshua Generation (Ages 18-40)
Voices of Glory
Sacrifice (Praise & Worship Team)
Praise Dancers

New Disciples Ministry

The primary responsibility of the New Disciples Ministry is to be available during the Call to Discipleship at all worship services. They gather all necessary information from those who have made the decision to join Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church. This ministry assists the Director of Discipleship and supports the pastor during the Discipleship Class, which is held on the Saturday before the first Sunday of every month.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry manifests biblical commandments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we should always pray and not faint (Luke 18:1). The Prayer Ministry is dedicated to laying a foundation of prayer through teaching the principles of prayer; interceding on behalf of others; equipping the saints for service; and empowering the saints in their spiritual development as Disciples of Christ.  

Seasoned Saints Ministry

The Seasoned Saints Ministry promotes and enhances Christian faith and fellowship through a holistic approach to serving the needs of individuals 55 years of age and over through biblical study, recreational activities and personal counseling.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is designed to involve children and youth from ages 2-17 in ministries with emphasis on youth enrichment and Christian development. This is accomplished through activities designed specifically for youth. Activities include: Children’s Church, Youth Church, Bible Lessons, Workshops, Athletics, Angels and Youth of Praise, Youth Ushers, Devotional Training, Drill Team and Anointed Praisers.

S.W.A.T. Ministry (Soul Winning Action Team)

The Soul Winning Action Team is designed to fulfill the top priority of the church, which is the great commission given by Jesus, our Lord and Savior to go out, seek the lost, and make disciples. S.W.A.T. is comprised of six-action soul winning ministries.

Hospital and Nursing Home

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School Ministry is the teaching agency for all ages and it helps to prepare attendees for a higher level of biblical knowledge. This is accomplished through planning, organizing, and presenting the Word of God from Sunday School lessons designed to meet the spiritual needs of the students. The goal of the Sunday School is to equip the Saints to do the work of the kingdom.

S.O.S. Ministry (Supporting Our Soldiers)

The S.O.S. Ministry comes together to share our devotion, pride and support to the men and women who are active or veterans of the military. This ministry strives to brighten a soldier’s day with a care package, card or letter of encouragement, prayer and other comforts from home. It is our goal to ensure that every man and woman serving in the military of our country is reminded that their sacrifice and work is appreciated “back home.”

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry is committed to providing transportation for all worship services and for other church related activities.

Tribal Cell Ministry

The Tribal Cell Ministry is designed to promote unity among all members and move them to action through fellowship, prayer and compassion. Each member is encouraged to actively participate in one of the three standing committees within their tribe: New Member Contact, Hospital and Sickness, Death and Bereavement.

Usher’s & Nurse’s Ministry 

The Usher’s and Nurse’s Ministry is designed to serve God’s people by graciously greeting, directing and assisting them in a friendly and hospitable manner. They assist during the offertory period, distribute programs and envelopes, assist when a medical need arises and maintain health kits used in the event of an emergency.

Vision Ministry

The Vision Ministry, appointed by the pastor, assists him in the general activities and events of the church. This ministry also assists chairpersons, committee and ministry leaders with policies and procedures associated with the observance of Annual Days and other activities at the discretion of the pastor. The ministry members provide guidance in securing vendors while ensuring compliance with timelines that facilitate meeting the objectives of the “Church At Work.”

W.O.W. Ministry (Women of Work, Worship and Witness)

The W.O.W. reaches the entire adult female audience. The goal is to nurture, equip, enhance and provide biblical instruction and guidance to the women of this church through workshops, evangelism, bible study and outreach ministries. The W.O.W. ministry offers growing opportunities that include spiritual, mental and physical needs that will appeal to women of all ages.